This page outlines the Real Estate Services we offer. Our company is one of the most experienced Real Estate companies in Culebra, Puerto Rico with experience on the Island of Culebra as well as supporting services, resources, and experience working on the main Island of Puerto Rico. We have an extensive unparalleled range of support and knowledge. We started in the Culebra Real Estate Sales and Rental business in May of 2000 so we now have over 21 years experience working in the Culebra and main Island of Puerto Rico markets. Following are details regarding some of the services we can offer and extend to our Clients.

WEBSITE/ADVERTISING SUPPORT - We have the unique ability to perform our own website development, coding, hosting, and Search Engine Optimization. For our Clients we can obtain immediate exposure through our current sites and systems. Plus, we have the ability to create and host property specific websites for our Clients at no extra cost to our Clients. Our total combination of advertising via internal and external systems obtains immediate exposure, hundreds of views, the first day listing a property with our company.

EXTERNAL ADVERTISING - We advertise on external sites that have a history of high search engine rankings and the ability to generate leads for our Clients. We are always analyzing which sites work best for this purpose so the list of external sites we advertise with will update over time. We obtain approval from our Clients for all sites we advertise with and we add advertising requested by our Clients. Feel free to contact us for a list of our current advertising partners.

ALLIANCES WITH OTHER REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS - In our over 21 years of experience we have developed an extensive network of external Real Estate professionals we work with to advertise our listings both in Culebra, on the main Island of Puerto Rico, and internationally. We will obtain immediate exposure for your listing in our systems in addition to the systems of other Real Estate professionals at no extra cost to our Clients.

SELLING YOUR PROPERTY - If you have a property you would like to sell we can help you with a full market analysis of your property as it relates to the current market. You can then use this analysis as input to your decision regarding listing your property and if you decide to list your property with our company you will obtain all the benefits outlined on this page and more.

PURCHASING A PROPERTY - If you are interested in purchasing a property we also offer full Buyer Broker services where we can help you with every step of the purchase process. We will educate you to the market outlining comparable sales and current properties for sale. If you are interested in a specific property we will complete a full market analysis for the specific property you are interested in purchasing. You can then use this market analysis to help decide if you would like to make an offer and what amount you would like to offer.

EXPEDITING A SALE - Whether selling or buying a property once there is a sale pending on a property we have all the experience and resources for completing the purchase of the property and expediting the closing. With hundreds of sales completed over the past 21 plus years we have all the knowledge and resources to support you through the entire closing process. We can manage all aspects of the Real Estate transaction including, but not limited to, title searches, legal support, financing, appraisals, surveys, insurance, CRIM (Property taxes), Hacienda (Puerto Rico tax authority), help with Utility companies, help with Home Owners Associations, and all other aspects related to the property purchase and sale process.

POST PURCHASE SUPPORT - Once you purchase a property we also have a full service Property Management Company where we can handle all aspects of maintaining, cleaning, remodeling, construction, and renting your property or any subset of these services. We can help you with the long term needs of your property to any level of support you would like.

As you can see whether selling or buying a property in Puerto Rico we have all the knowledge and resources to support you through the entire process. We have extensive and specific experience and resources for marketing properties, website development, website support, Seach Engine Optimization, website hosting, title searches, legal support, financing, insurance, CRIM (Property taxes), Hacienda, help with Utility companies, and all other aspects related to the purchase and sale of a property.

If you would like to discuss our support with either selling your property or finding you a property to purchase feel free to contact us at,, or text/call us at 787-398-3174. We will be more than happy to help any way we can.

Thank you for your consideration of our services.